Shame On You For Abandoning Post For Three Hours To Go Drink Tea- Atubiga To Rojo


“We are angry, we are upset. I mean, how can somebody go and sit for three hours in somebody’s office drinking tea and would not bow the head in shame but says: ‘I didn’t get biscuit’. I mean, you have an obligation, you left the room ajar”, Mr. Atubiga chastised in an interview with Kofi Oppong Asamoah on Class91.3FM’s mid-day news program, 12Live on Friday, 5 March 2021.

“Within the three hours that the man was sitting at the EC Chair’s office drinking tea, do you what can happen within those three hours? Do you know what arrangements can be done? I’m talking about Rojo. Rojo sitting at the EC’s office for three hours, who was coordinating with him? So, the three hours, nobody called him from the campaign directorate, from Afriyie Ankrah and co., from John Dramani Mahama’s office, from Joshua Alabi as the campaign manager; nobody was making a phone call there monitoring and asking them questions? It means somebody was sleeping on the job and without disrespect to anybody, Joshua Alabi is the campaign manager for us, it is his responsibility to coordinate with the party and all sectors to make sure that we get the victory”, he fumed.

In his view, former President John Mahama “won this election but our negligence started from our campaign manager’s office and then the irresponsible representatives that we had in the EC’s office”.



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