We Will Accept Funds From LGBTQI Group- IMANI Boss



The founder of IMANI Africa Mr. Franklin Cudjoe has that his outfit hasn’t received any funds from the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexuals, Transgender, and Qeer Individuals (LGBTQI) groups.

However, Mr. Franklin also said that if they decide to give them unconditional funds to IMANI to support their mission of holding public officers accountable, the think tank will not refuse the funds.

Since the LGBTQI open its office in Ghana, many groups have spoken against and others to are calling on IMANI to come clear either they support them or not. Franklin commenting on said, “we hold conservative, Christian, almost Catholic thoughts on such issues, but at the same time recognize its limitations to recommend how other humans should live their lives.”

The IMANI boss also encourages all to pray for sinners including yourselves to save yourself from damnation.


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