Two Main Reasons Why Assin Foso Is Not Developing


Assin Foso a municipal capital town of Assin Foso municipal and among the 22 MMDAs in the central region. Assin Foso is having a population of 20,541 people as of 2013. 

Assin Foso is lacking behind when compared to common towns like Agona Swedru and Akim Oda. The town lack a lot of developmental projects and jobs. There are a lot of factors to consider when talking about the reasons why Assin Foso is lacking behind. I will talk about the two major reasons that are affecting the town NEGATIVELY.

first and foremost is the electricity problem. Anybody who has ever live or stay in Assin Foso for just a day or two attest to what about to say. Even since dumsor came to Ghana in 2016, there was dumsor in Foso since the 80s. From the time Mr. Abraham Foku was a member of parliament during the Rawlings then later became District Chief Executive till date there is still dumsor in Foso.

Any company that uses electricity can’t come to Foso, the one who will come too will collapse within a year because electricity power in Foso is not stable and can’t go off and on for not less than 10 times a day. You are shocked, right? Yes, that’s Assin Foso for you. Any individual who owns a company that uses electric power for production is not having more than 8 six workers because the cost of fuel alone is huge and there are not more than 5 individual’s who own a company in Foso. Examples like cold store operators in Foso who are actively working is not more than 5.

There is no government company I repeat there is not government company to even employ the youths.
The definition of a bad road is Assin Foso roads.

The second reason why Foso is not developing is there is no traditional power to “fight” the politicians for development. Since Nana Obiri Yeboah the chief of Assin Foso dead about 25 years ago till date there is no successor. Which means there is no leadership in the town. The remaining Abusoa pane and sub chives have been “bought” by the politician and are control by a politician so can’t push for any developmental projects.
A town without effective traditional leaders can’ not and will not develop. Traditional leaders are to lead the citizens’ to fight for developmental projects without any political bias. But where the custodians of the land are controlled by a politician, how can they push for developmental projects.

It’s sad to hear from Assin Foso traditional leaders only when there is a land dispute or talking about a political position for a politician who in turn will not do anything for the town but to turn round and insult them he has won the position or gotten the pose.

After the current MCE for Assin Foso was sworn and was addressing the sub chives and the elder of Assin Foso including the assembly members Hon. Nicolas Fiifi Baako said, “Nana num please help me to bring developmental projects to Foso”.

Kennedy Agyapong is the mp for Assin central constituency and Assin Foso is his capital town.


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