Assin South Police Officers Contribute To Roof Police Station

ghana police service
ghana police service


One of the districts that you can’t talk about and leave behind when it comes to the development of Ghana is Assin South in the Central Region. But that is not the case when it comes to development in Assin South District.

Assin South District is a farming community that produces cocoa, plantain, cassava, etc. but their roads are nothing to write home about. Fante Nyakumasi is a town with not more than 6 villages around it but the town lacks a major market where goods can be sold. The women have turned a small traditional debar ground to market.

The crime rate at Assin South is very high. Fraud, army robbery, raping, etc. Because of the lack of development in Assin South police officers have to contribute to roof the police station because of the station roof leaks.


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