Ghanaians Vote On Tribalism And Emotions Not On Manifesto- Oppong Ababio



The founder of the world of champions church Rev. Oppong Ababio has said that Ghanaians do not go polling station centers to vote on base on the manifesto. The main reasons that influence the electorate are emotions and tribalism.

According to him, Ghana does not need a manifesto but a national development plan. Because any party that comes into power brings its manifesto and in the manifesto, there promises which they have promised so they won’t continue the projects of the other party.

Even though the promises in their manifesto, they won’t do it but still they will neglect the projects the other party left behind and that is the problem of the country. Rev. Oppong added

He further said that the national development plan can be set for 5 or 6 years and every party that come into power will continue because its in the constitution.



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