Ghana Celebrities Who Have Endorse President Nana Addo 



As an election year and barely 3 months to go for the December 7th general elections, a lot of celebrities will wish to show their stand when it comes to the presidential election and others are afraid to do so.

A lot of celebrities of the over years boldly declare the party they support, but the faces that have got a lot of people talking are celebrities who recurrently endorse Nana Adoo and the NPP.

The list includes legendary actress Bibi, celebrated broadcast journalist and DJ Andy Dosty, Gospel Musician Cwesi Oteng and the last but not the lest is Jessica Williams.

The question people are asking is that what will be these celebrity’s fate if the NPP losing the upcoming election because we have seen a lot of celebrities who have vanished from the system because declare their support a political and the party lost an election.


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