Mahama Must Be Called To Order 



In any civilized jurisdiction, this behavior would have ended the presidential dream of John Mahama, for the fact that, presently, using these tricycles as commercial transport is illegal and until the law has been amended, it is incumbent on every Ghanaian, irrespective of social standing, to abide by same.


Indeed, only yesterday, the honorable Speaker of the United States Congress, Nancy Pelosi, got into trouble for going into a salon to have her done when there is an existing rule in California prohibiting such activity indoors due to Covid-19; and she actually had to come out with a swift unqualified apology.


Contextually, what John Mahama is doing here is just like visiting brothels and openly engaging in sexual activities with prostitutes because there are no job avenues and therefore our women have resorted to such ‘smart’ ways of earning income to cater for themselves. Does this make sense?


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