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A Presidential Morning (5)


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‘ESCAPADES OF KWEKU ATTA, ESQ.,’-An African President

Kwaata, of Mpesaase, identified to the arena as His Excellency Nana Sir Obrempong Ewiasewura Kwaku Atta I, Esq., QB, SAG, OBE, KFC and to a extremely specialised internal circle as merely ‘Kwaa’ or ‘Kwaata’, settled his substantial rear at the seat of the stretch bullet-proof Mercedes Limousine. He mounted a glance on his long-time pal and Nationwide Safety Consultant Primary (Rtd) Anthony Dzigbodi. Many Ogyakromanians would were stunned by way of the glance, which used to be relatively other from the moderately cultivated glance of pleasant helpfulness and harmlessness that there have been used to. On his face settled the chilly, exhausting glance of a ruthless carnivore, together with the yellowish solid to the attention. The transformation used to be surprising, or even the previous soldier sooner than him, who had observed blood sooner than, used to be chilled.

Kwaa requested in a low voice, “Have you ever had a gathering with the protection chiefs we inherited but?”

Primary (Rtd) Anthony Dzigbodi swallowed exhausting and involuntarily, “Now not but. However they’ve all come round to congratulate me on my appointment and to pledge to reinforce us. They are saying that they have been handiest sporting out orders given to them. In addition they say that they’ve been looking to guide an appointment with you because you received with out luck.”

Throughout the opposition days, the police and armed forces were particularly brutal in dealing with opposition individuals. On multiple instance Kwaa himself had escaped beating narrowly, however his phalanx of shut frame coverage ceaselessly suffered the brunt. One died from accidents sustained all the way through one demonstration when he had interposed his frame between a stone thrown by way of a police officer focused at Kwaata.

“We’re going to get rid off they all, once handy. Within the interim, I need that officer who threw the stone that killed my guy Budu recognized. Name the Common Officer of Police and inform him that you wish to have the identify, rank and present station of that officer in an instant. You additionally need him in custody lately. I need to pay attention prosecution inside of per week…”

Primary Dzigbodi, who had at all times been underneath the influence that his govt would lengthen a forgiving demeanor in opposition to officials of the protection services and products who exceeded their tasks all the way through the campaigning, intervened, “Sir, don’t you assume we must wait slightly sooner than we attempt to get revenge?”

Kwaa’s eyes changed into much more yellowish as he mounted it on him, “No. We don’t need to wait. Do it lately. And don’t query me once more on such issues. Secondly, get the non-public information of all of the safety bosses of all of the safety hands. I need copies on my table by way of night time. Communicate to Ralph Bonsu and agenda a gathering on the place of work sooner than shut of day lately, between you, myself and the Legal professional-Common. I need to know the prison place on the ones we’re going to substitute. And in finding me unswerving celebration folks we will be able to use to switch them.”

Dzigbodi swallowed once more, feeling his necktie changing into extra constricting and the airconditioning hotter within the automobile.

Right through the campaigning, His Excellency had no longer proven this aspect of his personality. Even if his safety guy Budu had gained the stone at the head and died only some toes from the cowering Kwaata, the presidential candidate had proven a benign reaction, pronouncing in a chocking voice on the funeral that Ogyakromanians will have to learn how to forgive each and every different over such excesses. Now, only some days into his presidency, it appeared that each one that speak used to be forgotten, and he used to be after blood.

Smartly, in politics, it’s at all times true that regardless of the Guy sought after, the Guy were given.

All the time a soldier, Dzigbodi mentioned briskly, “Adequate sir. A gathering at ten pm lately. I must have the information of all of the safety capos in a position. And the AG must have an opinion on how we will be able to lawfully eliminate the ones we expect essential. You additionally desire a listing of latest appointees we will be able to agree with.”

Kwaa nodded and smiled because the yellowish glint left his eyes as he moved directly to a brand new subject, “Later this morning I can ahead a listing of appointees to you. I desire a background test on they all. You’ve gotten per week to have that performed. And check out the use of our new folks. Up to conceivable, sideline the folks they left at the back of. I don’t need any leakages with the listing sooner than we announce it formally. In truth, try to discover a protected position to function from till we’ve gotten rid of all of the cockroaches they left at the back of.”

The president used to be particularly thinking about his listing leaking. Most of the celebration folks had labored their hearts out, anticipating juicy govt positions as praise. Kwaa supposed to get a couple of of those folks a couple of positions, however within the interim, he supposed to folks the federal government with folks selected by way of his brother Bukata, individuals who would obey the time table. He knew that his listing would come as one thing of a surprise to Dzigbodi, however he anticipated the protection capo to toe the road.

Seated subsequent to Dzigbodi, Ralph Bonsu stored his eyes moderately on a sheaf of papers he used to be reviewing. Like Dzigbodi, he used to be aghast at trends, however like Dzigbodi once more, he used to be cautious to stay his emotions off his face.

Already, Ralph used to be amazed at lifestyles in this aspect of the road. In no time, he had spotted the surprising inflow of cash, unbidden, the adulation and admire that flowed his means, and he knew that if he may tamper and grasp in test his emotions of revulsion on the antics of his boss, lifestyles would transform a veritable heaven. It used to be all a question of selection and point of view.

Kwaa solid a cunning filled with malice on the bowed head of his Particular Aide. Catching the glance, Dzigbodi shivered. What creature have they helped to elect this time spherical?

To be endured.

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